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Returning to Center

Modern life does a really great job of pulling us every which way. Our attention is consistently divided, tied to our phones and devices. Social media and marketing is targeted directly at us and keeps us in a constant whirlwind of misinformation, confusion and material want.

How often do we find that just being in silence feels somehow uncomfortable? we have to fill the space, the void with music or T.V or some distraction. Why is that? Perhaps it's to drown out the small voice within that is trying to call us back to our truth and an innate wisdom that we all share. We have become so used to mistrusting our senses that we search Google to understand our physical and emotional symptoms and feelings or use telehealth. We look on our phone or Apple watch to see what the weather is rather than step outside. It is little wonder at this point that subtler senses like our intuition seem totally foreign to us and that learning to once more trust ourselves and our innate knowing can seem an impossible task.

However challenging, this journey back to self is perhaps the most rewarding we can ever take. Within each of us there is a yearning that needs to be expressed. This yearning if we follow it, leads us to an understanding of what we are here to share and do in this life. We are not all here to be millionaires or movie stars, and often the things we will find most deeply fulfilling at the soul level will be something simpler and heartfelt. How often do we hear stories of, or witness the experience of family members perhaps at the end of their life talking about regret and how they wish they had followed their wisdom within, their song unsung? We don't have to live or even die with that regret, we can choose to embrace what inspires us and step by step explore our own kind of special. As we return to center and our true selves, it's akin to coming home. It's that deep feeling of connection and a truth you always knew on some level but couldn't quite express. Moment by moment as we chose to authentically express our true nature, we give others the permission to embody their unique wisdom and gifts and shine their light. It's not an artificial light that can be replicated but the joy it radiates is contagious.

There are many ways to touch in with and connect to our center and I hope to explore many of these here. Meditation, hypnosis, time in nature, creative dance or any form of creative expression can all serve as the perfect segway to an exploration of our center and a step on the path to a deeper understanding of our true nature. Journey with me as we explore and share our experiences.

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